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How we work


How we work in 4 easy steps

Step 1 - Initial Referral Once a Patient has been referred by a Doctor, Cancer Information Services Nurse, or Social Worker, our Care Manager will arrange a suitable date for an assessment of the patients needs. The details of our services will be discussed and Our Care Services will be tailored to each individual's requirements.

Step 2 - The Care Partners - Our Care Manager draws up a detailed care plan based on the discussions at the assessment. This Information is then passed on to our Care Partners, who are Residential Cleaning or Home Care Companies, who have donated one free visit per week for a six week period.

Step 3 - Your service Begins. Once you are happy to proceed, you will be introduced to our Cleaning/Care staff. We will endeavour to provide the same care staff for each visit.

Step 4 - Evaluation Your Care Plan is continually assessed by your personal Care Manager and we will advise, should changes be required

Corporate Partners
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