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Corporate Partnership

Charity Partner

The Bellarose Foundation are seeking to partner with a wide range of businesses throughout Ireland, to deliver quality charitable programmes. We help devise and execute a variety of events, volunteering programmes, campaigns and promotions that stimulate good customer relations, improve staff morale and promote good corporate citizenship.


Charity of the Year

Does the company where you work nominate a 'Charity of the Year' each year? If s,o we would be delighted to be considered as your 'Charity of the Year'. We can work with your Charity Committee to develop a programme of fundraising and volunteering for the year ahead. We would be happy to come in and meet with you to discuss all of your options.

Staff Fundraising

The Bellarose Foundation have many fun ways for you and your colleagues to get involved with the 'Care 2 Clean' Programme. Our initiative called Care 2 Clean Champions is looking for motivated, fun and energetic employees in offices all across the country to become a Champion for The Bellarose Foundation!

Corporate Supporters

There are also a number of other companies that support us through a variety of campaigns, and sponsorship of products and services.

Corporate Partners
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