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Our History


"Ireland is a great place and what makes Ireland a great place is the ability of very ordinary people to
achieve remarkable feats, the Bellarose Foundation is one of these feats, providing a essential service to
women recovering from Chemotherapy" - Dr. Casey.

The Bellarose Foundation - Care2Clean programme was founded in memory of Ann – Bella McGuckin (Flanagan) who passed away in St Lukes Hospital, Dublin after a long period of Cancer treatment (chemotherapy). It was experiencing the after effects of Chemotherapy at the tender young age of 10 that motivated Dermot to develop the Care2Clean programme for women going through Cancer treatment, at a later stage in life.

Inspired by the very successful programme - Cleaning for a reason in the United States and Canada, the Care2Clean programme can make a real Difference, Simple in nature the programme could not succeed without the support of Partners in the Home Care and residential Cleaning Sector and support of the Irish Cancer Society and the Social Work Department in Cancer caring hospitals.

Today the Bellarose Foundation has reached a new stage; a strong, determined and focused board has been established. The sometimes difficult work in establishing a new foundation has been overcome and we have seen our foundation launched as a established, new and innovative solution to the social and environmental challenges facing women going through the most difficult stages of their lives with Cancer.

Corporate Partners
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