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The Bellarose Foundation is a company limited by guarantee (registered in Ireland No. ) Our registered office is at West Park Campus, City-West, Dublin 24. The Bellarose Foundation is also a registered Charity (chy). The Bellaroe Foundation conducts its business in accordance with the rules, regulations and accountabilities which govern companies and charities in Ireland.

Board of Directors
The Bellarose Foundation Board of Directors, under the Chairmanship of Dermot Mc Guckin MPRII, is responsible for the total service of the organisation. There are currently 7 members of The Bellarose Foundation Board of Directors drawn from around the country.

The Board of Directors shall endeavour to have at least 40% of the total membership of the 'The Bellarose Foundation' comprised of Women Living with Cancer.

The Board of Directors produces audited accounts are published through an Annual Report, and is responsible for preparing periodic Corporate Strategic Plans. The Board meets at least seven times per annum, although additional meetings are called, as and when required.

Corporate Partners
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