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Welcome to Our Site

The Bellarose Foundation’s Care2Clean programme is making a real difference to the lives of Women Living with Cancer. We understand that going through Treatment for Cancer is exhausting while chemotherapy treatment often means that a Patient may feel tired and run down, Our Care2Clean programme improves the quality of life of Women living with cancer in a real and practical way.

Care2Clean offers professional, practical, care and home support to women going through the most difficult stages of chemotherapy, by partnering with Residential Cleaning Companies and Home Care Services throughout Ireland, Our Vision is to provide all women going through chemotherapy with a clean and tranquil environment in which to recover.

Working in co-operation with the ‘Irish Cancer Society’ and the Social work Departments in Cancer-Caring Hospitals, we deliver our services to patients who most need our support based on economic and social needs. Our Non Profit organisation is making a real difference, so join with us today in the Fight against Cancer by becoming a friend of The Bellarose Foundation.

Corporate Partners
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